About Bryknolo

BRYKNOLO, founded by Brooklyn Gabby at the age of 18 in 2020, is a lifestyle specifically designed for those who wish to live it. This is a carefully articulated lifestyle of uniqueness, elegance, and the insatiable desire to create. 

BRYKNOLO was born in Beverly Hills, California in Brooklyn’s apartment when Brooklyn and her mother, Heather, decided to start this adventure together. Since then, it has experienced rapid grown that landed the brand a spot in New York Fashion Week, less than a year after it’s creation. 

Brooklyn had many years of experience in the fashion industry before creating BRYKNOLO. Prior to this, Brooklyn had been constantly traveling since she was 14 years old, walking in fashion shows in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. She would also meet with some of the world’s top influential fashion producers to create branded content. Based on her years of experience, love, and knowledge of the industry, Brooklyn decided to create her own brand. And with that, BRYKNOLO was born.